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Same Day Pallet Deliveries

If  its URGENT and needs to go, then simply call our Same Day Courier Service and we will be with you promptly. Usually within 1 hr.

Same Day Pallet Deliveries

The Cost of using a same day courier service for transport pallet delivery across the UK and Europe can cost an extortionate amount of money. Courier Service Companies for pallet delivery up and down the country charge a weight excess, fuel surcharges plus other costs related to such pallet deliveries.

The leading Pallet Delivery Couriers …

We have access to a vast range of vehicles that are reliable and fuel efficient carrying anything from 1 pallet to a dozen or more. Call Don’t Panic Transport Couriers for the latest pallet delivery prices.

For a dedicated courier to carry pallets on a same day pallet deliveries basis require prices calculated on a price per mile basis.This can be as low as 0.69 pplm (back load) making us up to 50% cheaper than some current courier services transporting pallets across the UK.

48 / 72 Hour Economy Pallet Deliveries Service

Don’t Panic Transport Couriers Bristol also offer a UK wide economy pallet delivery service for that less so important pallet delivery. Our 48 / 72 hour service offers both financial savings and flexibility.

We are members of one of the UK’s leading transport networks enabling us to offer fast, professional and reliable pallet deliveries around the UK and Europe. This service is only available for co loading and is subject to the relevant space or spaces being available on the transport vehicles in question. Loading equipment will need to be supplied by the customer at collection and delivery points. Please read T’s & C’s before booking.

pallet deliveries

Fast and Reliable Same Day Couriers.

Same Day Courier at your doorstep within 1 hour of your confirmed booking, 91% of the time.Delivered to your destination 99% on time . Tracked 24hrs a day so we always know where your goods are. Proof of delivery sent via email, post, sms, over the phone or pigeon. Well maybe not pigeon Yet.

Expect More from your Courier.

You Call, We Haul.

pallet deliveries

When it comes to price, DON’T PANIC!

On average our customers save 23% on their same day delivery costs. How do we do it? Well we use our own fleet of vehicles and have access to over 11000 network vehicles per day. We source the relevant vehicle at the most cost effective price. We charge by the mile dependent on the size of vehicle. Our prices start at just £25 for a local delivery / collection. No account needed and we guarantee to find you the lowest price we can.

pallet deliveries

Simply call your nearest contact centre to arrange your same day collection and delivery: 

Call Now 01179 000777 
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pallet deliveries

What Our Clients Say

“I utilise the services of Don’t Panic Transport Couriers on a regular basis and I am consistently impressed with the high level of all round service they offer. I intend to continue using Don’t Panic Transport Couriers and would highly recommend them”.

Review left on independent review site! No made up reviews here. We all know that old cheasnut. 


pallet deliveries

Our Promise 

Our business has been built on the act of trust between the customer and ourselves and we will continue to ensure this trust never waivers. We regard each customer as equally important no matter what size the job may be.Don’t Panic strive to exceed customer expectations. Daily!


How Much Do You Charge 2017-08-27T11:44:23+00:00

We normally charge by the mile for same day deliveries. Prices can start from as low as 60p per loaded mile but adhoc pricing is also carried out for situations that call for it. Example being Road closures, adverse weather conditions, traffic conditions and specialist vehicle types.

How Do I Pay 2017-08-27T11:43:27+00:00

We accept all major credit and debit cards. No account is needed and you can even pay direct from your bank if you prefer. We even offer a pay as you go service. You simply add money to your account and once its depleted, just top up.

What do you deliver 2017-08-27T11:43:52+00:00

We deliver everything and any thing. From Parcels to Pallets. Fragile goods to sensitive documents. If it has to go call 01179 000 777 and we can collect and deliver within any given time frame.


Where Do You Deliver 2017-08-27T11:45:02+00:00

Don’t Panic Couriers deliver anywhere in the UK, and most places across Europe – depending on the service type you choose.

What Days Do You Deliver 2017-08-27T11:41:52+00:00

Relax and put your feet up. We deliver every day of the week, every day of the year. However surcharges will be implemented on national holidays and Sunday services.

What time will you deliver my item(s)? 2017-08-27T11:42:13+00:00

The service you select determines the time by which your item(s) will be delivered. If  it’s a same day  service, we’ll get it there as soon as we can. If it’s next day, then by the end of the following working day. Normally  17:00